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Strain Details

Genetics: Scoops of Chem x

Icebox Pie

Flowering Time: 8-9 WKS

S/H/I – Indica Dominant – 30/70

THCa: 26.9 % 

THC: 1.03 % 

Showstopping beauty on these strong thick ladies. A touch of sweetness and a whole lot of funk coming out of these flowers. The Scoops of Chem is a longtime favorite for its sweet and sour blend of Sherbet and Chem, but its bushy shorter stature is not great for everyone. In an effort to get a more rapid veg growth we crossed her with the IBP. The result is standout gorgeous lime buds with massive resin rails and easy to trim buds. The buds are large and dense so look out in high humidity environments. The herb is soothing and strong, and as usual with the FreeWorld strains, it is long lasting. Buy the ticket, take the ride:)

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