Bam Bam

Strain Details

Genetics: Orange Cookie Chem x Icebox Pie

Flowering Time: 9 WKS

S/H/I – Indica Dominant – 40/60

THCa: 32.9 %

THC: 1.13 %

A glorious union of 2 of our absolute bedrock favorite cultivars.  Our favorite phenos looked and smelled like a dead mix of the 2 parent lines.  Heavy gas with slight citrus, abundant crystal and beautiful resin rails adorning the leaves.  Buds are large and heavy like the Orange Cookie Chem, but stems are strong and upright like the Icebox making for a productive and easy to grow plant.  some shorter plants had stronger gas profiles but we chose the mid-tall hybrid nose style for our selection.  Strong and high-testing flower.   

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