Strain Details

Genetics: Beach Bum x Icebox Pie

Flowering Time: 8-9 WKS

S/H/I – Dominant – COMIGN SOON

THCa: 26.9 %

THC: 0.90 %

Oh how we love the Beach Bum for its super-frost, pungent yet delicate aroma, and incredible beach-chair high. That being said the yield leaves a bit to be desired so we crossed it with our workhorse IBP to bring out the chunks. It worked! The Sand Box plants are taller and super strong with longer internodes and super frosty lime green buds that combine the gassy delight of the IBP with the subtle rotten fruit notes of the Beach Bum. The user experiences of both strains are extremely complimentary with the Bum putting you in the chair and the Pie keeping you there. Great relaxing medicine with improved yields.

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