Frozen Apple Custard

Strain Details

Genetics: Barnyard Apples x

Icebox Pie

Flowering Time: 9-10 WKS

Hybrid Dominant – 40/60

THCa: 29.2 %

THC: 1.20 %

This is a true oddball. When we found the Barnyard Apples, it was and is one of the most unique terpene expressions that we had come across in our breeding experience. A total standout in its filial lineup. It had an electric silver lime color and a smell that would meet you at the door. With the Frozen Apple Custard, we happily found out that our favorite traits of the Barnyard will carry on through her progeny. Smells range from sweet sour apple to complex and funky almost like glazed roadkill. Plants are mostly on the taller side and very strong. Our favorite pheno was a candy sweet mid-tall model finishing around 63 days but many were taller, higher yielding and longer day with pungent aromas. High is creative and deep with strong sustain.