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FreeWorld Genetics has been making waves in the cannabis community with their unique and potent strains.

Here’s what people are saying about some of the standout strains from FreeWorld Genetics:

  •  Icebox Pie

    – Effects: This hybrid of Wedding Cake and FreeWorld’s Chemdog is known for its powerful effects. It provides a buzzing head high that’s great for afternoon and morning use, although it can be too strong for those with low tolerance. Users appreciate its ability to relieve stress and lift moods.

    – Aroma and Flavor: The strain has a mix of chemical, chocolate, and spicy notes, reminiscent of classic Chemdog and Chocolope. However, some users find the flavor a bit bland, with hints of skunky chemicals and black pepper.

    – Appearance: Dense, dark buds covered in amber trichomes. The buds are very compact, which some users find challenging to break apart by hand

  •  Early Riser

    – Effects: Early Riser, a hybrid of Sumo Grande and Early Orange, is perfect for daytime use. It provides an initial burst of energy and focus but is followed by a strong comedown that can lead to early bedtime. Ideal for short bursts of productivity and creativity.

    – Aroma and Flavor: The strain is celebrated for its citrus aroma and flavor, with clear notes of sweet oranges and a slight bitterness. The flavor is described as juicy with a hint of zest and funk, akin to classic orange strains like Agent Orange

  •  Lemonhead Delight

    – Effects: Lemonhead Delight, a cross between Icebox Pie and Early Orange, is praised for its ability to provide a jolt of energy and creativity. It’s great for daytime activities, but its potency can sometimes be overwhelming, leading to a “zombie hole” if overused.

    – Aroma and Flavor: This strain features strong citrus notes, with a profile similar to lemon meringue pie. The flavor combines sweet, creamy, and funky notes, making it a favorite for those who enjoy lemon desserts.

    – Appearance: Bright green buds covered in sharp trichomes. The buds are somewhat loose but produce a significant amount of kief