Honey Bear

Strain Details

Genetics: Orange Cookie Chem x

San Fermodo Skunk

Flowering Time: 9 WKS

S/H/I – Dominant – COMING SOON

THCa: 26.3 %

THC:  1.03 %

Sweet big friendly plant buddy. Massive but unintimidating, these plants are sure to enhance the lives of those who know her. Comprised of years of work on both sides, these lines contain lots of OG, Chem and fruity citrus notes combines with a sweet honey under-whif of the Thelonious Skunk within the San Fermodo Skunk. Both of these lines put our high yield so the chunks were no surprise, but appreciated nonetheless. Stems are strong like the Skunk, with less of the zig zag growth seen in the OCC. User experience is smoothly stimulating and navigable, leaving me with a soft cheesy grin and at least a few less cares in the world.