Sour Garlic Monkey

Strain Details

Genetics: Sour Garlic Cookies x

Furious George

Flowering Time: 8-9 WKS

S/H/I – Dominant – COMING SOON

THCa: 31.2 %

THC: 0.90 % 


The first release for our very exciting new Furious George Series. This is another yuckface bringer in our quest to explore all of the flavors in the garbage pail and beyond. The flowers were dense and plentiful on these plants with smells ranging from the more body odor oriented Furious George to the savory garlic of the SGC. Our favorite pheno greets you with an almost OG kush fore-nose that is quicky swallowed up by a deep garlic backbone. Strong and slightly sinister, this one is definitely a pro-smoker’s delight.